About Michael

Michael Schneider started his carreer back in school back in 1994, when he was helping friends and neighbors with all kinds of IT related questions, their PC issues and network problems. After school, he gained gained a degree in Systems Integration from ATIW, a SIEMENS owned vocational college. As this was around or shortly after the explosion of the .COM-bubble in the year 2001, jobs were hard to find and Michael stayed with SIEMENS as student worker. During this time, Michael was responsible for developing and maintaining a major SIEMENS internal cloud application. This application was used to provide e-learning content to students and enabling blended learning for international students. In parallel he joined the University of Paderborn and studied computer science.

Michael left the university after two years and started a carreer at the Internet security startup Webwasher in 2003 and became the first dedicated enterprise support representative for the young company.

After an acquisition by Cyberguard Corp. in 2004, Michael stepped up to lead the local support team and to provide mentoring, councel to local team members and to handle customer situations as Lead Support Engineer on behalf of the Director Technical Support for EMEA.

Cyberguard itsself was acquired by Secure Computing Inc. in 2006 and Michael again stepped up and started building the first international support center for Secure Computing that converged Firewall, Email and Web Filtering Support into a single location. He then was peomoted to Manager for Support in EMEA, reporting to the VP of global supprt, and shared the responsibility for ‘rest of world other than EMEA’ outside the US with his peers in the US.

After having built up the support group and stabilized the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction and NPS, Michael then moved into a role in product management to take product responsibility for the web filtering products of Secure Computing.

In late 2008 Secure Computing Corp. was acquired by McAfee Inc. a leading IT Security vendor. Michael remained in his role and lead the activity for the McAfee Web Gateway prodcut line.

During the restructuring after McAfee’s acquisition by Intel between 2010 and 2014, Michael took on product line responsibility for the web protection cloud service and lead the transformation of this mostly SMB focussed service to an enterprise scale offering including international data center expansion, new UIs, reporting, etc.

During McAfee’s carve out in early 2017 Michael took over full product management responsibility as leader of the PM team for the Web Protection products of the new McAfee. Michael is reporting directly into the General Manager of the business unit.

Short CV

1994 – 1997: IT dude for neighbors, friends and whoever needed help

1997-1998: Military service

1998-2001: Trainee at SIEMENS

2001-2003: Cloud Application Developer at SIEMENS, Studies of Computer Science at Paderborn University

2003-2004: Support Engineer at Webwasher

2004-2006: Lead Support Engineer at Webwasher, a Cyberguard Company

2006-2008: Technical Support Manager at Secure Computing

2008-2009: Product Manager at McAfee, McAfee Web Gateway

2009-2016: Senior Product Manager at McAfee/Intel Security, McAfee Web Protection

since Jan 2017: Running Product Management at McAfee for entire Web Protection product line

Industry Certifications

Throughout his carreer, Michael passed several certifications, incl. Pragmating Marketing, CISSP, CCSK and others.

Cloudsecurity Alliance CCSK – please contact me via Linkedin or Xing to get my details for the validation.

International Information Security Systems Certification Consortium (ISC)² CISSP


Patented Model on “Determining the reputation of data”


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